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 Lunch Time 

  YOGA Classes 

Looking for a way to squeeze in exercise,  relaxation and nutrition? I got you!!

It's hard to get in a workout on a lunch hour, but this is perfect because you will also

leave with a Green Smoothie. 

Meet me at your office or your house for a 45 minute yoga class and you and your

co-workers will leave relaxed, invigorated, increased mental clarity, post lunch sugar cravings  and a beautiful, tasty green smoothie to get  you through the rest of the day. 

Price includes  a 45 minute yoga class and  12 oz. Green Smoothie

$25.00 per person (cash) or $27.00 cc (service fees)

*fee includes a 15 mile radius

*minimum of 3 people

*24 hour cancellation policy

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