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Are you feeling the negative impact of foods in your body? Do you have unexplained weight gain, brain fog, achy joints, moodiness or just can't sleep? If so, you are in the right place. Those issues defined me for so many years until I finally took my health into my own hands. Find out how I lost 48 pounds ten years ago and have been able to keep it off just by changing my food habits and stress levels.


Hi,  I'm Dawn

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My expertise is in supporting women who are feeling trapped in their bodies and experiencing weight gain and the loss of their vim and vigor. My clients are typically 30+ years old, tired of yo-yo dieting and fed up with spending ridiculous amounts of money on fad diets that don't provide lasting results. The key to overcoming this obstacle is understanding a few principles that I refer to as the Three Pillars of Nourishment. 
Let me explain what that means and the meaning behind Encompassing You: 
Nourishment means: The elements necessary for encouraging growth, good health, and well being. 
Pillar one: Plant-based Nourishment. I truly believe that food is the primary link to most all health concerns and health crisis'. Our bodies are capable of healing themselves with the correct plant based nutrition.
Pillar two: Soul Nourishment. I embrace the concept of health from our inside out. It's not only what's on our plate, but also what we feed our mind, and how we balance lifestyle and stress. 
Pillar three: Physical Nourishment. By simply moving your body, you can improve your mental health, mood fluctuations, and flexibility. Exercise can reduce anxiety by making your brain less reactive to stressful situations and assist you in finding balance. 

Encpompassing You is a lifestyle brand where I incorporate all three of these pillars into your life at your own pace. 

Since you are reading this, it probably means you have health and wellness on your mind! Food is medicine when we use it to enrich our health rather than just for social and emotional comfort. Please contact me, I would love to assist you on your new health journey. 

Today I am a Certified Heath Coach from the Institute if Integrated Nutrition, Double Certified Raw Food Chef from the Creative Health Institute, and a Certified Yoga instructor and Reiki Practitioner.  I am passionate about teaching people how to reach elevated health with plant based nutrition (meat eaters welcome), nourishment to the soul,  and embracing the power of movement. 
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