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I’ve known Dawn for about 20 years and she has always studied and practiced healthy living.  From teaching Yoga, to RAW Food classes, her knowledge about health and wellness is ABUNDANT!  What sets her apart from any other health coach is that Dawn has a skilled intuition when it comes to finding the cause of a persons health struggles.  She looks at the whole picture – hence “Encompassing You” – Everything that encompasses you, can affect your health and Dawn works hard to help you look at all the pieces of the puzzle and figure out what is causing the problem

My favorite of all of her services lately, is the Yoga with smoothie to go.  Dawn comes to my house on my lunch hour and a group of my co-workers do 45 minutes of a fantastic yoga workout and she boots us out the door with a ready to go green smoothie, custom made to each individuals nutritional needs and tastes.

It is hard these days to get in a workout on a lunch hour, but this is perfect!  Check her out – you’ll feel so good!

I am pleased with the results of working with Dawn on diet changes, improving my overall health and significantly reducing my 10 year heart attack risk from 12.7% to 9.4% (American College of Cardiology 10 year risk calculator). Before working with Dawn, even with medications, my baseline labs were not optimal. I have been working with Dawn for about 8 months, gradually incorporating more whole, & plant based foods & shakes into my diet. This has been successful for me. At baseline, I weighed about 205lb and am now down to 185lb. I feel better and have more energy for expeditions and other outdoor activities I love to participate in.

Dawn is highly qualified, has a great teaching style and tailors recommendations to each person's individual short and long term goals. I highly recommend her as a diet coach!

Thanks Dawn!

I am so thankful for Dawn and her immense knowledge of food and our body's. I have struggled with energy ever since I can remember always thinking something must be wrong with me. Since the detox I feel so much better and now know my triggers. So not only is my energy better but I have also lost weight and been able to keep it off!

Thanks Dawn!

I met Dawn through this program. She is a life coach, and is truly amazing. The detox we went on was an elimination detox. We had to eliminate high allergic food. With doing this, I found out that I don’t respond well to dairy and gluten. With eliminating these foods from my diet, I have high energy, I don’t have any bloating in my stomach, the inflammation in my legs and feet are completely gone, my joints don’t hurt, I have lost weight, and I haven’t had a migraine for over seven weeks. Encompassing you has changed my life more than you know.

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