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2017 WOWZA!

2017, WOW!! you had me movin' and a shakin'. Some days feeling completely unbalanced other days blessed with love and gratitude.

As the year comes to an end and I look back on all of the amazing mild stones the year presented. For me it was the birth of our first grandchild in Alaska, to the marriage of our oldest daughter in Chelsea.

We also experienced death and sorrows.

It is hard to maintain a positive attitude, healthy food choices along with a measure of faith. Raw emotions are challenging to say the least, but life has taught me through times of constriction we benefit because difficulty helps us to grow.

It has been a solid year that I have been Health Coaching and my clients have taught me so much. The biggest challenge for me was teaching how to bridge together food and thoughts. We are emotional beings, we enjoy food. I was my biggest guinea pig.

My observation is that we as Americans celebrate everything with food literally, no matter if its life or death.

How do we make better food choices for ourselves in times of celebration or stress? Make simple choices. The grocery store should be our pharmacy. Our bodies need us to eat the rainbow. This is the only body we will ever have, a temple. It just doesn't make sense to me why we fill it with processed junk and frankenfoods, (you know what I mean) and then expect a pill to fix it.

My simple advice is to; Plan your meals, and make a grocery list. Plan a time to prep your food. Shop the outside perimeter of the grocery store. Put down your electronic devices for 30 minutes a day and make some healthy meals. Bring back fun and family time in the kitchen.

There is plenty of documentation that food effects our mood. I am thankful that I could maintain a level of sanity in 2017 for lack of better words. I do owe it to my body for taking care of me and nurturing my soul in times of stress. I also know that feeding it with healthy whole foods, gave me the energy to live abundantly with positivity and strength.

If your ready to change your eating habits, need accountability , support and a plan, please reach out to me here on my website. I offer a FREE 30 minute consultation via phone or in person.

Cheers to the new year!


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