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Are You a Locavore?

It is getting to be that time of year that I love, time for farmers market. What is your favorite farmers market? Why should you shop and eat local? Here is a few reasons why;

It’s Healthier When it’s freshly pulled from the ground or picked from the tree from a farm near you, your produce is more alive and retains more nutrients. It tastes better with produce traveling just a few hours or less from a local farm, produce is fresher and you can taste the difference

It’s Earth Friendly Delivering local produce to your neighborhood burns less fossil fuel, which is kinder to Mother Nature. Don’t pay airfare for your apples! It Helps Your Neighbors Buying directly from a local farmer supports YOUR community’s economy and creates more jobs for local residents.

Simple Ways to Go Local……


Meet Your Farmers Don’t be shy – step up and get to know your local food purveyors. Most farm stand managers will gladly answer questions. You’ll get to know more about the origin of your food, and maybe you’ll learn some new easy recipes! Remember: It can be expensive for small farmers to become “certified organic,” but many of them comply with farming practices that are best for you and the environment.

Here are a few questions to start the conversation:

• Where is your farm?

• How do you grow your produce?

• Do you use pesticides?

• Is your beef grass fed?

• Are your chickens pasture raised?

• How do I cook this?

• What is the growing season for_____?

Own your health and get informed! Your worth it.

Are you looking for more answers to a healthier you? Do you want to feel energized, gain clarity and loose those stubborn few pounds? Please contact me for a 30 minute complimentary session. I have the answer for you!!

Happy Healthy Day,



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