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Why Detox in the Spring?

The arrival of spring brings a change in the weather. When it starts getting a little warm outside you may want to switch that hot chocolate for a summer-inspired drink that’s cool and refreshing.

Spring is the most unpredictable of all seasons, it can be as hot as a summer day, or it can be as cold as a winter day. Such deviations in temperature effect our skin, hair and overall health so much that it becomes necessary to take precautions against it. Spring is known as natural detox season and with it comes all the green, leafy, fresh vegetables and fruits. There is an urge to detoxify oneself after a long winter and all those spicy hot drinks with very little water intake. Have you subscribed to my newsletters? If not you can do it on the homepage of my website: I will be sending out information on the biggest 3 day Spring Detox I have ever done!! I will be working with local business's to promote the healthiest you! This detox will incorporate shopping guide, recipes and how to guide and most exciting a hands on workshop! WHOO-HOO who's ready to rock Spring 2017?

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